San DiegoTrash Pick Up, Removal & Disposal Services!

If you are tired of having unwanted garbage, junk and old or unwanted furniture cluttering up your home, then San Diego trash pick up by Junk4Us of San Diego is the service you need. Let us help you get rid of the clutter in your house, garage and/or yard.

We have an expert junk removal crew that is very capable or removing all of the trash that has been building up and accumulating in your home. We service all commercial and residential property, and we have professional junk removal services for Real Estate Agents.

Junk4Us of San Diego gets your trash out quickly so that you can get the property back on the market in no time flat. Call TODAY for your quote, and one of our experienced haulers will take care of you! At Junk4Us of San Diego, we’ll haul anything!

Got trash, debris, junk, unwanted clutter, and garbage? Is your San Diego trash company refusing to pick up your unwanted trash? No need to worry; Junk4Us of San Diego will pick it up!

Whether it’s yard waste, tree stumps, bushes, leaves, furniture, mattresses, ovens, barbecue units, unused tile, construction material, sand, dirt, mud, sod or anything else, you can trust us to cart it away.

What We Do:

We Remove the Junk and Clutter You No Longer Want or Need! Junk4Us of San Diego is the leading trash pick up service in the area. We are fully equipped to handle anything that needs to be hauled away. Our trash hauling service has the services you need, and we will do it same-day!