Our trucks have a box size that is 12′ Long by 8′ wide and 5′ Height giving them 20% more capacity than competitors using 10′ long trucks.

Our rates are all inclusive and have no hidden fees. We charge by type of material to be removed and quantity and our total includes loading, dumping fees, sweeping and transportation costs. We pride ourselves in offering some of the best rates in the country for the professional service and legally insured service we provide.

Call us or fill out the estimate form so we can get all the info needed and give you your all inclusive quote. To be safe and make sure we provide a fair estimate we perform free non compromise on site estimates at your convenience.

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Heavy Materials

Heavy Materials Include: concrete, gravel, soil, shingles, sod, sand, plaster, cement, dry wall
Due to weight and safety restrictions we can only load the truck 1.5ft. deep with dense and heavy materials. In these circumstances we price according to the Heavy Materials rates.