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New San Diego Substance Abuse Intervention Service

Hope Interventions, a new premiere substance abuse intervention service in San Diego. The service offers individualized intervention plans for those struggling with addiction, as well as support for their families. The team at Hope Interventions comprises licensed therapists and certified addiction professionals who work together to create a comprehensive plan for each client. The service is designed to help individuals and families navigate the complexities of addiction and provide support through every step of the recovery process.
Thankful for the service they provide to the community. Junk4Us wishes them lots of success!

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San Diego Awards Local Recyclers

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders supports recycling by congratulating this year’s winners of the 20th Annual Waste Reduction and Recycling Awards. San Diego locals strive on having one of the cleanest cities in the state. Some local giants like General Dynamics Nassco and Albertsons have long been part of this green friendly activity and should serve as an inspiration to all of us San Diegans who take pride in living in the most beautiful city in the world.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to contribute to this effort of keeping our city clean. Recycling all of those unwanted or unneeded items that you have stored in your home is a great way to help. We often tend to stack up more and more junk as the years go by until there comes a point where there is just no more room for more. Have most of those things recycled and whatever can’t be recycled, have it hauled away by your local Junk Removal Company. This will not only help to tidy up your home, it will also be good for the environment.

So get involved and start recycling today! Remember that you can count on your local Junk Removal Company for all your recyclable and non-recyclable junk hauling needs.

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“Hey San Diego! It’s Spring Cleaning Time!”

With the cold and rainy season now gone, it’s the perfect time to go through your basement, closet, garage, or any other storage place you may have in your home. It’s amazing how much junk we can accumulate in just 1 year. Unfortunately we don’t take the time throughout the year to make sure all of these unwanted items don’t just pile up.

People often say to themselves, “if I can’t see it, then I just won’t worry about it”. Then it finally hits you as you open that closet door and things just fall out. This is not a good thing.

This is the perfect time to call up your closest friends and relatives to lend a helping hand. Together you will be able to get through this years spring cleaning task in a jiffy. If it still seems like too large of a task, call us up to see how we can give you a hand. Remember, procrastination will only lead to more junk and will in time turn this simple task into an expensive one. Get rid of all that yard waste and dried up leaves and get your yard back into shape for the summer ahead. Your kids will be sure to appreciate it and so will your neighbors.

Here are a few tips to make this tedious task less stressful:

  1. Get your family involved! This is the most important. If you have everyone take part in this years spring cleaning. The more people involved, the easier and less time consuming it becomes.

  2. Organize your strategy. Assign everyone to a certain room or task and make sure they have everything they need for proper disposal of unwanted items.

  3. Have boxes and bags ready so that you can neatly pack away everything that you are going to get rid of.

  4. Include shed, garage and yard as part of your tasks. It make no sense to clean out the inside of your home, while the outside remains full of clutter and useless debris.

  5. Clean as you go!. Having cleaning material at hand to clean up after removing all of that unwanted junk. Pay special attention to chemicals that may have spilled out onto your floor or walls. These can become potential fire hazards.

  6. Neatly stack up all boxes and bags of stuff you will be getting rid of in a place that will not interfere with your everyday living conditions

  7. And Finally, “Hire a junk removal company.” Have them come in and haul all of that gathered up junk away and begin your summer with a fresh and clean home!

So don’t remain attached to all of that useless junk. This is the perfect time to get rid of everything that is broken beyond repair or that has outlived its usefulness, and remember, clean out your home periodically throughout the year and spring cleaning will be that much easier.