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Christmas Junk & Trash

Santa’s gone, but what about the mess?

What do I do with all of this Christmas trash and tree? How about last years gifts and toys? Every year we receive a number of gifts that take the place of last years. What do you do with all of that accumulated stuff. No matter how much you enjoyed the holidays, is there a person who doesn’t let out a sigh of relief once the holidays are gone? Contact San Diego Haul, your local hauling service and have them take care of all your post-holiday junk removal, and get that pre-spring cleaning up and over with.

While you dearly love the annual fruit basket from your aunt in Los Angeles, and are trully attached to the excitement with which small children tear into their gifts, the mess afterwards can turn holiday cheer into seasonal disaster. Waking up the day after your holiday party to deal with a sad looking Christmas tree, piles of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, can ruin a perfectly good vacation day. All that extra garbage is unsightly and frustrating at the very least, and leaving it all piled up next to your house doesn’t exactly compliment the seasonal lighting on your porch.

Here are a few tips that may help you before and after the holidays. If you save wrapping paper and like to recycle, make sure you have a place for everything ready ahead of time. Request an extra recycling bin from your trash company, and have a box ready for folded, leftover gift bags and paper. For things you can’t save, have trash bags at hand, and when the party is over, the guest have gone home, and you’re ready for some well-earned rest, call SD Haul to take care of your junk removal service and get all of that stuff carted away. This means you don’t have to deal with backlogs of garbage bags or watching your Christmas tree disintegrate slowly on your curb while you wait for the regular trash pickup, and get the post-holiday chaos out from under your feet.

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