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San Diego Landfills and Dumps

San Diego’s recycling program leading the country

The success of the city of San Diego’s recycling program is an example to the nation. Those in charge of making it a success have good reason to pat themselves on the back and with good reason, just think about the dangers that have been avoided. There is clear and mounting evidence about how harmful certain waste can be to our land and water.

Chicago’s failed recycling effort

I am not going to elaborate on how, dangerous substances travel from the landfill to our table via our food and the water we drink, because there is quality information on the subject out there. I just thought that it would be nice to thank those who have been in charge of doing such a great job for the city of San Diego, especially when you look at it in the light of what happened to the recycling program in the city of Chicago. Never mind that Chicago’s failed recycling program has not only wasted money but it is no longer active; think about the perils that lay ahead and what will eventually bear on the population if they don’t make it work. A scary thought to say the least.

How did the City of San Diego do it?

The city of San Diego has implemented a recycling program that makes use of a fleet of trucks that collect household refuse on a weekly basis and recyclable materials every other week that serve both residential and commercial customers.

The San Diego Environmental Services Department has enacted regulations designed to reduce waste and curb littering, illegal dumping, scavenging, recycling contamination, leaving garbage and recycling bins out past collection hours. The enforcing arm of the program is provided by city officer’s assigned specific areas.

Our city has not let its efforts unknown and it actively seeks to enlist the help of all its citizens by sparing no opportunity to educate. It currently sponsors many community outreach programs including some that are taught at local high schools.

Using reputable junk hauling services

It may be necessary for us to personally haul our unwanted items to the local landfill for disposal, the Miramar Landfill has a facility to recycle and it accepts numerous recyclable materials, including TV monitors, computer monitors and computer electronics as well as scrap metal, for a small fee.
All of us, at one time or another may need the services of junk haulers. These service providers will, for a fee, pick up and haul our junk items and rubbish. It is imperative that we make sure that whoever we hire, will abide all pertinent laws. Ask questions; it is your moral responsibility and it does not end until your waste is properly disposed of.

Remember: We can all contribute to a better, cleaner, healthier San Diego if we think before we act.

Here I provide for you links to local land fields in case you need more information about their location, services and operation hours.

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