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Hoarding and OCD

Helping Someone Who Is A Hoarder

Hoarding is the excessive acquisition of possessions and the failure to use or discard them. Hoarding can cause physical, emotional and mobility problems. There are many types of hoarding, for some people it begins a simple collection of items that eventually gets out of control. Recently there are reality TV shows that help us understand the emotional and physical problems that hoarders face. These TV shows main focus is to help hoarders and their family and friends get rid off the extra items in their home or office.

At San Diego Haul we can help you undertake the task of helping someone who is a hoarder. We understand the importance of such a task and how delicate these types of situations can be. That is why we take great care in offering a hauling service that is both professional and compassionate.

We will help you get rid of most anything that is taking up space in your home or office, form junk, debris, trash, and yard waste we can handle just about any kind of trash and junk hauling.

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